the Fruit

The processing of fresh fruit is our pride. The freshly picked fruit, once arrived in our factory, is immediately processed with non-invasive methods to safeguard the nutrients, obtaining a finished product that contains the exceptional peculiarities of fresh fruit.





g/Kg mix

packs x Kg

SOUR CHERRY whole in syrup


2x6 / 4x3

Specialty obtained from the concentration of fresh fruit; contains whole calibrated sour cherries (20/22), mixed with fruit syrup and a minimum part of sugars, essential for the preservation of the product without the use of artificial preservatives. It is proposed to be used as a decoration and for making drinks.

The product is offered in kits consisting of a base obtained from concentration of orange / lemon / mandarin juice, preserved with a solution of sucrose and glucose with addition of citric acid, and a vial containing natural terpeneless orange / lemon / mandarin oil, preserved with pure alcohol. Recommended dosage: add 35 g of the juice to the base mix, depending on the desired degree of sourness. Complete by adding about 20 drops from the aroma vial, to give a more or less intense aroma.